Peace Camp 2012

We LOVE building community here at the J&P! Feel free to explore our programs, learn about our advocacy, and reach out to our staff and board members to find ways to engage in our community.

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Our annual fundraiser is coming up on Oct. 24th! The Hillside Community Center will be hosting our breakfast to coincide with United Nations Day! If you’re interested in sponsoring a table, please reach out to Anjuli.

Current Sponsors of the Peace Breakfast, 2017:


Indy Give Campaign
We’ve been accepted into the Indy Give Campaign; here is your opportunity to support peace and justice in the Colorado Springs area through our three hallmark programs: Urban Experience, Sunrise Garden, and Peace Camp.  You are able to donate through December 31st; every dollar counts!  Donate at https://indygive.com/donate/ . We are under the Big Ideas categories!  Thank you for your support.

Nonviolent Communication Conversation
Please look for more information on our Nonviolent Communication Conversation; we will have an update coming soon!  We are looking at a tentative date of December 9th.

Urban Experience Walks Coming Soon!
Finally, we have Urban Experience walks on both December 16th and 21st.  Please consider learning more under Programs and Urban Experience; email us at director@ppjpc.org

Your support is truly what helps to make our community stronger; we thank you for it.


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