Sustainable Living


Sustainable living is an approach to social and economic activities for all societies, rich or poor, which is compatible with the preservation of the environment (Saburo Kato). Sustainability is finding, balance and harmony with nature, economic viability, social justice, ecological soundness and humaneness, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In a time when climate change is impacting the world more quickly and severely than scientists previously forecast, sustainable living is crucial. Add to that the imminent decline of fossil fuels, and we’re looking at re-localizing our economy as quickly as possible.



Drake_opt“Earth Plunge” is a one- or two-day experiential learning program that raises awareness of environmental issues in Colorado Springs. The class is offered to teachers (for credit through D11), students, youth groups and churches. Participants visit environmental hotspots (i.e. Drake Power Plant) as well as examples of Earth-friendly solutions (i.e. solar arrays, community gardens, biodiesel vehicles). They get to see how the issues of resource consumption, energy, water, food production and transportation affect both children and adults. The experience involves all modes of transportation, including walking, biking, mass transit and carpooling. For more information, email

Community Organizing


Green Cities Coalition The  Green Cities Coalition was born in 2008 from the J&P’s Sustainable Living Working Group. With about 450 organizations, businesses and individuals have participated in the coalition, the group’s purpose continues to be promoting ecologically, economically and socially healthy cities in El Paso County. We envision healthy, equitable and sustainable communities, both human and natural. GCC members are developing initiatives in many areas that impact the sustainability of the region. For more information, email

Colorado Springs Biofuel Cooperative  Let’s roll with veggie oil! After three years of research and preparation, the J&P is ready to launch the Colorado Springs Biofuel Cooperative. The co-op is open to anyone who wants to see more vehicles run on fuel from waste vegetable oil and local plants. Our first project will be making biodiesel from waste restaurant oil. We need your support to buy the Appleseed Processor and get the word out. Please click the link above to see what we’re doing and how you can help!


The Green Dream  For more than a decade, the J&P has envisioned a project to create a demonstration center exploring how people can survive and sustain themselves in a low-energy, low-consumption urban environment – for the duration of this century and beyond. We actually have the technology and expertise, they’re just not getting the needed attention and funding as our country clings to its extravagant, consumptive past.

Got land? We need it – donate it to us, sell it to us, lease it or loan it. Got professional skills – legal, financial, planning, technical? Volunteer some time as a Green Dream Guru. Want to employ hundreds of people in urban farming, biofuel production, construction, transportation and renewable energy? Bring your capital and business expertise to our table. For more information about how you can make a difference, contact

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