Peace Scholarship Application

The Justice and Peace Scholarship

Awarded by the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission

APPLICATIONS must be POSTMARKED by: March 31, 2015

High School:
How did you hear about the scholarship?


Please answer the following questions limiting your response to a total of three pages.

1. What two people have most inspired your interest in social justice, nonviolence, and/or environmental activism? Please consider how they have influenced your understanding and actions.

2. Which of your extra curricular activities reflect your commitment to social justice, nonviolence, and/or environmental activism.

3. Please include a paragraph about your financial need.

4. What job, activities and/or course of study do you plan to pursue after high school to continue to promote the principles of peace, justice, and nonviolence?

Please do NOT send a copy of your transcript.


Please include 2 letters of recommendation, one from someone at school and one from a non-family member outside of school. These letters should provide examples of how you have attempted to foster social justice, environmental activism and/or nonviolence in your community.


The selection committee will review applications and select finalists to be interviewed after the March 31st deadline. You will be notified by phone or email if you are selected for an interview. A final award decision will be made no later than May 1.

Please send this completed application form, your essay, and the two letters of recommendation to:

317257_272545789445590_1384404645_n.jpgPikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission
P. O. Box 2115
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

For more information call the Justice & Peace Commission at 632-6189 or visit:

The Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or individual handicap.

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