Peace Camp Financial Assistance Application

Thank you for including the J&P’s Peace Camp in summer plans for your youth. We want to make this camp affordable for all willing participants. Please fill out this application and submit it below. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

Name of Adult:
Name of Participant:
Entering grade of participant:
Total yearly income of household received from salaries and wages (you do not need to include child support or alimony): $
Number of people in household supported by this income:
Dependent children under 18:
Is your family receiving any public assistance?
Please explain any unusual family expenses (e.g., medical, unemployment, death, emergencies, etc.):
We at the J&P strive to include all children who wish to participate in Peace Camp the opportunity to do so. We will award financial assistance between 25% and 100%, based on need and available resources. Briefly describe what you hope your child will learn by participating in Peace Camp this year.
We will contact you once we review your application. Thank you.

For children attending Peace Camp, please tell us why you want to attend Peace camp this year and what you hope to gain from the experience:

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