Harvest Farm, Wellington, CO

City should consider ‘Rich farm’ for mentally ill

  Nova Schlosser-Munselle Mental illness among homeless people is nothing new. On any given morning, a few minutes in a downtown bagel shop will produce backpackers breakfasting on sugar packets…


Diverted rain perfectly legal

Becky Elder “Irrigated plants become dependent on people…”  John Cruickshank, permaculturist People often say that it is illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado. After all, the state brochure on the…


Students call for sustainable investment

By Steven Saint A forward-thinking group of Colorado College students are asking the Board of Trustees to put their money where their values are. Armed with a petition signed by more…

Peace envoy to visit Palestine

Danielle Glassner Each year the PPJPC’s Middle East Peace Project chooses a young peacemaker as our envoy to Palestine. The representative works with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)….