Bob Kinsey

City council race reflections

Bob Kinsey I stood for city council (I didn’t do much running) because, as a Green, I believed that there should someone on the ballot clearly opposed to hydraulic fracturing….

Kimberly Rivera

Peace community helps Rivera

Kim Rivera’s family is anxious about her April 29 court-martial at Fort Carson, but at least they’ll be able to live in Colorado Springs and support her – thanks to…

Colorado Progressive Coalition support HB-1249

Mortage reform bill dies

Editor’s note: The proposed Colorado Housing Stabilization and Mortgage Accountability Act, HB-1249 was being heard in the House Business, Labor, Economic and Workforce Development Committee at press time for PPJPC’s print…

Downtown Colorado Springs by David Shankbone

Passive solicitation OK

Three months after a failed legal defense of its controversial downtown No Solicitation Zone, the Colorado Springs City Council scratched the zone from the books and has dropped further efforts…