Evelyn Steel of Nourish Organic Juice

Local food movement blossoms

Jeremy Flood Evelyn Steel smiled as she pushed another few ounces of produce through the juicer. She and Nicole Martinez, owners of Nourish Organic Juice, recently opened their organic juice…

Venetucci water tower

Farms face growing water concerns

Trudy Thomas For years, Coloradans have speculated about the possibility of turning on the faucet and finding that nothing flows out. It wasn’t something we thought could actually happen. It…

Venetucci Farm irrigation pipes

A Colorado water-friendly future

Nathan Lee & Alice Plant Under the current regime of prior appropriation, many farmers have little incentive to practice water efficient irrigation techniques. The Law of the River functions on…

Bob Kinsey

City council race reflections

Bob Kinsey I stood for city council (I didn’t do much running) because, as a Green, I believed that there should someone on the ballot clearly opposed to hydraulic fracturing….