We at the J&P value your sustained monthly donation as it helps us advocate for the unseen and underserved and assists with expanding and maintaining our robust core programs. A donation of just $10 a month over the span of one year takes care of one month’s worth of internet and phone; a donation of just $20 a month over the span of one year helps to cover one month’s rent at our current location.

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Consider converting your $25, $50, or $100 once a year membership fee into a $5, $10, or $15 a month sustainable monthly donation!

Membership benefits include:
– Connecting socially with other members in the community
– Voting rights at our annual meeting held in January (a rockin’ good time!)
– Receive our quarterly Active for Justice newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on justice and pace news and information

Membership levels are listed below:

$25 Individual Membership. As the title indicates, this level is for single individuals or those of you who choose to go solo rather drag the whole family into your hippie activism, whether it’s non-violence, social justice or sustainability!

$50 Household Membership. At this level, everyone in your house becomes a member, including the family pet!

$100 Supporting Membership. If everyone joined at this level, we could turn this town upside down!

$250 Sustaining Membership. This level is for those of you who go to a favorite locally owned coffee place every morning. Just think about it, when broken into monthly payments, this giving level translates into only 5 grande lattes per month!

$500 Leadership Membership. If you join at this level, we’ll take you to lunch for financial planning and investment advice – just kidding, but not about lunch.

If you are making a one-time donation for a specific purpose, let us know what it’s for HERE.

  • $25 pays for a participant to attend Urban Experience,
  • $125 pays for a child to attend Peace Camp,
  • $100 pays our phone bill each month,
  • $200 helps publish Active for Justice.

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