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$25 Individual Membership. As the title indicates, this level is for single individuals or those of you who choose to go solo rather drag the whole family into your hippie activism, whether it’s non-violence, social justice or sustainability!

$50 Household Membership. At this level, everyone in your house becomes a member, including the family pet!

$100 Supporting Membership. If everyone joined at this level, we could turn this town upside down!

$250 Sustaining Membership. This level is for those of you who go to a favorite locally owned coffee place every morning. Just think about it, when broken into monthly payments, this giving level translates into only 5 grande lattes per month!

$500 Leadership Membership. If you join at this level, we’ll take you to lunch for financial planning and investment advice – just kidding, but not about lunch!

Use the PayPal ‘Donate‘ button to become a member OR just donate an amount of your choice:

OR You could become a Sustaining Member by setting up an automatic monthly payment – pick the right option for you and click the “Subscribe” button below!

Monthly Donation

If you are making a one-time donation for a specific purpose, let us know what it’s for HERE.

  • $25 pays for a student to attend Urban Experience,
  • $80 pays for a student to attend Peace Camp,
  • $100 pays our phone bill,
  • $200 helps publish Active for Justice.

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