How Justice Exchange Network works

The Justice Exchange Network is the J&P’s Local Exchange Trading System (LETS.) J&P members can post wants and offers and “spend” or “earn” time in hours or LOCOS, our virtual currency. A LOCO is basically equivalent to a dollar and transaction values are agreed upon between the member making the offer and the one who desires to spend on that offer.

There are a few steps to get you going. You will need an account for both this J&P site and the Justice Exchange Network interface. Two accounts – you can set up the same username and password for both!

1. If you are a current member of the J&P, you will need to create an account here on the website. If you already have an account, click on the “Login” link above and enter your username and password. You will then be able to pull down under “Exchange” to the Exchange Member Login tab.

2. If you are a current J&P member without a PPJPC website account, email us for a login link.

3. Once we’ve received your email request for a Current Member Registration link, we will email you back. Click the link in that email and complete the information for a website account. At this stage, you will select a username but not a password – that comes in step #5.

4. We will receive notification of your new account and activate you as a user within 24 hours.

5. You will then receive a new email from us, notifying you that your website account is active. Log in to this site with the username and create a password – then pull down under “Exchange” to find the member login. Proceed to the Justice Exchange Network site to create your second account there.

6. If you are not a current J&P member but are interested in knowing more about how the Justice Exchange Network works, try the Community Forge demo. If you’d like to participate in the network join the J&P here. You will then receive instructions on creating a login to the PPJPC Web site where there will be further instructions for activating your Justice Exchange Network account.

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