Consider converting your $25, $50, or $100 once a year membership fee into a $5, $10, or $15 a month sustainable monthly donation! A donation of just $10 a month over the span of one year takes care of one month’s worth of internet and phone; a donation of just $20 a month over the span of one year helps to cover one month’s rent at our current location.

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Membership benefits include:
– Connecting socially with other members in the community
– Voting rights at our annual meeting held in January (a rockin’ good time!)
– Receive our quarterly Active for Justice newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on justice and peace news and information


Workplace Giving

Does your company have a program set up that would allow you to make charitable donations through payroll contributions? Payroll contributions are an easy way to give to the charities and causes you care about most, directly and automatically from your paycheck.


This incremental giving allows you to give without it being a financial burden and provide financial support year-round.  By donating through payroll contributions, you can more easily budget your gift and enjoy a simplified donation process.

In addition, many employers will match their employee’s contributions. These matching gifts can double your original donation amount. To start a workplace giving program at your business, contact Community Shares of Colorado at 303.861.7507 or


Membership levels are listed below:

$25 Individual Membership. As the title indicates, this level is for single individuals or those of you who choose to go solo rather drag the whole family into your hippie activism, whether it’s non-violence, social justice or sustainability!

$50 Household Membership. At this level, everyone in your house becomes a member, including the family pet!

$100 Supporting Membership. If everyone joined at this level, we could turn this town upside down!

$250 Sustaining Membership. This level is for those of you who go to a favorite locally owned coffee place every morning. Just think about it, when broken into monthly payments, this giving level translates into only 5 grande lattes per month!

$500 Leadership Membership. If you join at this level, we’ll take you to lunch for financial planning and investment advice – just kidding, but not about lunch.

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