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JUSTICE: ‘Springs Echo’ to give homeless a voice

By Raven Canon What is a “street newspaper”? Basically, it is a low-barrier work opportunity that rewards effort from the first day forward. The concept of street papers is not…

safety pin brigade

PEACE: PPJPC joins Safety Pin Brigade

By Debra Fortenberry #SafetyPinBrigade COS is the arch-rallying banner for a coalition of non-profits, advocacy groups and individuals who have united to communicate our commitment to holding safe space for…

homeless bridge

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Housing Solutions Summit set

By Carrie Baatz The City Council has heard loud and clear from hundreds of activists that criminalizing people is not a solution to poverty or homelessness. The arrest of Trig…


Sustainability: Sunrise Garden

Sunrise Garden growing at Hillside By Steven Saint In the U.S., the words “community garden” generally call to mind rows of rectangular raised beds lined up like plots in a…