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safety pin brigade

PEACE: PPJPC joins Safety Pin Brigade

By Debra Fortenberry #SafetyPinBrigade COS is the arch-rallying banner for a coalition of non-profits, advocacy groups and individuals who have united to communicate our commitment to holding safe space for…

moms for peace

PEACE: Mother’s Day began as peace holiday

By Trudy Thomas Americans love to spend money on mom when it comes to the annual Mother’s Day. But the $20-billion commercialized holiday has lost sight of the original vision…


PEACE: Local Muslims speak out on terror

By Arshad Yousufi The terrorist attacks in Paris followed by a mass shooting in San Bernardino raised concerns in America about Muslims living in our communities. Responding to those concerns…

Africa Peace

African peace project

This summer, we bid farewell to three PPJPC members (two who had served on our board directors) as they set off for the Peace Corps in Africa. Husband-and-wife team Jimi…