PEACE: PPJPC joins Safety Pin Brigade

By Debra Fortenberry
safety pin brigade

#SafetyPinBrigade COS is the arch-rallying banner for a coalition of non-profits, advocacy groups and individuals who have united to communicate our commitment to holding safe space for all in Colorado Springs. Through daily actions intended to create refuge, we cultivate awareness of our mutual values of safety, understanding, respect and love.

My daily act of creating refuge was emailing a Muslim client. His stunningly gracious response affirms that communication about shared values deepens our connection to each other, creating the refuge and safety for which we are longing:

Dear Hasan,

Please know that I am so upset by the outcome of the election. I worked hard against the election of Donald Trump and regret that we fell short of defeating him and what he stands for. It is a dark time for the United States and we have much work to do to recommit to America’s core values of tolerance, inclusivity, respect, peace and love.

I want you to know that the majority of Americans respect and celebrate the diversity and richness that persons of the Muslim culture bring to our country and to our lives. I personally have so enjoyed working with you and learning a little bit about your culture and the Islamic religious celebrations. I respect and admire the way that you addressed the conflict with your landlord play roulette online in canada in a sensible and fair way. I appreciate your business.

If you, your family or friends have any trouble in the coming months, please reach out to me and other Americans. We will support you, help you and stand with you.

Blessings and kindness to you and your family,

Debra Fortenberry

Dear Debra,

I really don’t know what to you said, i am so happy for your support and kind words. it’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the past months. i met a great women and attorney.

Honestly, i was shocked with the election result. i wasn’t expecting that Trump will win the election at all. Moreover, all the media was shocked and surprised with result. I am really worries after i saw protesters all cross states against Trump. i think Trump needs to reunion United States again and be president for all United States.

I have been living at United States for two years and i saw smile, respect and love from people here. As Muslim, i learned a lot from Christianity religion and found some matches between Islam and Christian. I traveled to so many countries but i have never seen high ethics from kids to old people like here.

Unfortunately, most media send wrong message to US people that all muslim are bad and dangers. we are not angels, we do mistake like any other nations. i am so sad and upset for what happen now in the middle east. i wish things get better and i always pray to GOD that peace and love will spread over the world.

Myself, my family and my friends appreciate your support and we will reach out to you if something wrong happened to us. I hope freedom, strong and peace America will come back again. I believe United States nation will be GREAT with or without Trump, since there are people like you, work very hard to make America GREATEST.

God bless you and your family.



Debra Fortenberry serves on the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission board of directors.

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